Developer pages show in wrong locale after adding a (Chinese) summary


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4 years ago
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4 years ago
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Screenshot showing Chinese locale in Manage Status & Versions

Hi, I'm not sure if this should go under component Localization or Developer Pages, but i hope you can deal with it either way.

I've added a Chinese summary to my project's (Mail Redirect) listing, but now when i go to another screen (like Manage Developer profile or even Manage Satus & Versions -> next version) the display shows briefly in English and then quickly switches to Chinese. Also for the next version it shows Chinese under Existing Locales, and even if i delete it by clicking on Remove this localization it's still there when I revisit the page (also after waiting for any mirrors to sync).

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3 years ago
At first I thought this was fixed after my add-on was reviewed, but it appeared that I was working on another computer. Going back to the computer showing the problem earlier, still showed the problem. After noticing this behavior I went inspecting my cookies. Deleting the one called cuurent_locale from seemed to fix the problem...


2 years ago
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