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4 years ago
4 years ago


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Windows 7

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4 years ago
On Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:35.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/35.0 ID:20140919030202 CSet: c8e325eee9e1 I'm experiencing these oddities, filing this bug in case these are worth investigating:

- When Nightly starts up, the download completed arrow animation is triggered.
- Restore Previous Session restores mostly blank tabs
- Almost all App Tabs are also blank

These are now permanent even after e10s has been disabled.
I'm reasonably certain that the download complete arrow thing is already filed elsewhere (though the actual bug number escapes me at this time). I believe we triaged that bug yesterday.

The session restoration stuff is a bit more disturbing, and should probably be what this bug focuses on.

alex_mayorga was still able to reproduce this with no add-ons, and nothing showed up in his Browser Console that sounded suspicious.

ttaubert, are there some debug steps that alex_mayorga can go through? I had him set browser.sessionstore.debug to true, but nothing useful got pumped to the console.
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No, we don't have any useful logging for sessionstore. We just never had... Will see if I can reproduce this on Win 7.
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Fun. Accepting the e10s prompt sets the pref correctly but I still get re-prompted after starting up every time. And the tabs are definitely non-remote.
e10s works on my non-VM Win 7 setup at least. Can't see anything wrong here, the session is restored - with multiple windows and app tabs. The session that Mike sent me was the already corrupted one, having the intact one from before would be better to reproduce probably.

Alex, do you still have the session from before stuff was lost? Or more important, do you have any session that you can reproduce it with? What are the exact steps to reproduce?
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Comment 5

4 years ago

I do have a file called sessionstore.bak-20140624030200 on the profile folder.

Do you want me to send you that somewhere?

I'll try fiddling again with e10s, see if I can get the problem to reoccur.
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(In reply to alex_mayorga from comment #5)
> I do have a file called sessionstore.bak-20140624030200 on the profile
> folder.

If you copy that to $test_profile/sessionstore.js and start Firefox with e10s enabled, is the failure reproducible then? Do you lose tabs?
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Alex, any update here?

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4 years ago
This has turned for the worse so I can't really test much as recently firefox.exe just gets stuck.


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4 years ago
Let me WFM this for now, I eventually got a session restored and lost only about a week of my history =(

But the random firefox.exe lock-ups I keep getting on did not existed prior to me fiddling with e10s that's for sure.
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