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Avoid interacting with the observer service from imgFrame during XPCOM shutdown


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So bug 1069652 makes us call imgFrame::Optimize() during imgFrame::UnlockImageData(), which is almost always what we want, except for in one scenario: during XPCOM shutdown. In this situation, we can't let Optimize() run, because it calls getPlatform::GetPlatform(), which needs the observer service to be available. During shutdown, it's not, and we get this kind of failure:

This bug will add an imagelib-global service called ShutdownTracker which lets us know whether the 'xpcom-shutdown' notification has been delivered. It's preferable to do this in a single place because shutdown observers aren't free, and we don't want to add the additional logic everywhere we need it. (And I suspect we'll need it in more places.)

This bug also adds a call to ShutdownTracker::ShutdownHasStarted() in imgFrame::Optimize(), so we don't try to optimize during shutdown.
This patch adds ShutdownTracker.
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We put ShutdownTracker to work immediately by avoiding imgFrame optimization during shutdown.
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Summary: Avoid interacting with the observer service during XPCOM shutdown → Avoid interacting with the observer service from imgFrame during XPCOM shutdown
Trivial fix.
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(Part 1) - Add ShutdownTracker to imagelib

>+  /**
>+   * Check whether shutdown has started. Callers can use this to check whether
>+   * it's safe to access XPCOM services; if shutdown has started, such calls
>+   * must be avoided.
>+   *
>+   * @return true if shutdown has already started.
>+   */
>+  static bool ShutdownHasStarted();

This might be clearer if it was called GetHasShutdownStarted.
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