incorrect extra space (line height) between some lines




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reproducible, testcase

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User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; rv:32.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/32.0
Build ID: 20140917194002

Steps to reproduce:

open a text:

а:а:0 ә:15 е:19 ы:24 и:28 о:30 -:37 ”:38 у:40 :41 г:42 ө:43 ):43 ­:43 .:44 »:46 ,:46 ү:46 [SP]:46 !:46 ч:47 м:47 ь:47 ::48 л:51 д:53 т:53 с:53 6:57 ?:58 5:60 к:60 ш:60 н:62 Ы:62 4:63 з:64 ф:65 ":65 ц:65 п:65 8:65 a:66 ж:66 0:67 3:67 в:68 /:69 m:69 s:69 р:70 t:73 e:73 Е:76 z:76 й:76 ъ:77 ё:78 я:79 Л:79 o:79 О:80 2:80 h:81 c:82 r:84 1:84 В:85 7:85 ң:85 х:87 D:89 Н:89 _:89 y:89 X:90 C:91 U:91 Ө:91 l:92 җ:92 [BR]:92 Р:94 Ү:94 һ:94 n:94 И:94 d:96 Ң:96 %:96 П:100 б:100 T:100 S:100 Й:100 I:101 Х:101 ю:101 9:104 M:105 Т:105 С:106 Д:106 А:106 Ф:107 u:107 —:107 Я:108 Ә:109 У:110 З:110 ;:110 Г:111 К:112 Б:113 Ж:113 R:113 A:113 g:113 p:113 М:114 Ч:114 –:114 Ю:115 Ш:117 Җ:118 P:119 v:119 щ:120 V:122 Э:124 i:125 “:127 Һ:128 э:132 «:135 №:138 …:141 (:141 |:143 B:143 Ъ:155 O:155 b:155 E:155 L:155 k:155 Ц:155 w:155 :155 

Actual results:

extra space after some of automatical line breaks of a string, that may change its position after changing window size

Expected results:

all spaces (distances, heights) between automatical line breaks should be equal

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4 years ago
Can't reproduce on mac, but can reproduce on Windows 8...
Component: Untriaged → Layout: Text
Ever confirmed: true
Keywords: reproducible, testcase
Product: Firefox → Core
I suspect this isn't a bug. Most likely some of the characters in that text aren't available in the default font being used, so fallback finds a different font, and that different font has larger line-spacing metrics. The exact behavior may depend on the fonts installed in the Windows system.
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