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Steps to reproduce:

Add RSS Feed that will mess up and not be displayed at all!?!?!

After loading the feed, the title will DISSAPPEAR (will be pushed to the right)?!?!

Actual results:

The URL of the feed is not getting validated (security bug) and therefor and if the url starts with empty characters (for printing etc.) the titel will be overritten and not displayed at all! 

Expected results:

THe URLS shoud simply be trimmed at the beginning and at the end AND URL validated!

Title should be trimmed, too.
Display of titel should be cheded!

ICONS are a security thread now, because they too ARE NOT validated and displayed wring. Icons have got "the power" in thunderbird to rule and take MORE space as intended and include binary flaw data like virsues, etc..

Displaying Icons should by defined as FIEXED size so the do not blow up the whole thing.

Comment 1

4 years ago
Almost everything you've asserted is incorrect.  The favicons in the folderpane are explicitly limited to 16x16, so you have either an extension or theme that is creating a problem.  Restart in safe mode and especially disable any non default theme.

As for the w3c validation service, they choose to center the url in the textbox; this has nothing to do with Tb feed processing nor does Tb have any control over that.

The feed url referenced above works fine and displays at 16x16 for me in Tb35.  Reopen with screenshots if reproducible in safe mode.
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME

Comment 2

4 years ago
Hi, thanks for looking in to it.

Well, so WHY does this problem occure only since there was an sudden update to thunderbird to 30 or so.
I had the way better and not that idiotic theme tb now has back than alredy without any problems. 
Actualy it is the theme "Phoenity Shredder 3.5.12" i use. It's super user friendly and 100000 times easier to understand for newbies and pros than the boring text or stupid missleading icons th comes with.

And you are right when it comes to the w3c validation. 
They did really center the text field  (for what stupid reason ever) in their validation page. BRAVO!

But still in TB on the left side some RSS Feeds' titels are missing or tooo far to the right so one can not se them. And this is NO THEME Problem because if so ALL the titels would be like that and acording to my screnshoot ONLY some have that problem.

I contacted the THEME "guy" and reportet him the some problem and asked if the icon size value are NOT fixed and if so that they should be becauso of many reasons (faster parsing, security , design , etc..)
Hopefully the size Problem will be solve. 

But still the title Problem stays and occured only in the last three Thunderbir Versiony > 30 so....


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