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[Settings]Fix Cap letter for titles on panels based on new Building Blocks


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2.1 S6 (10oct)


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To follow new Building Block
Assignee: nobody → gasolin
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quick sort titles to fit for building block guide
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attach BB writing style for reference
Fred, after thinking for a while, even though we landed this bug, there would be still lots of places needs to be fixed. 

So I think maybe we can make bug as a meta bug and ask UX to file different bugs (by panel would be nice) with clear instructions about which should be capitalized and which shouldn't. In this way, we can have UX to verify the modified result at the same time.

And also, these bugs can be good-first bug too if people want to jump in to help.

What do you think (?
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Ya I'm fine with it. And I'm glad to mentor those good-first bugs.

ni @jenny,
once you feel ready to find out all Cap letter related issues, please fire bugs per panel.
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Summary: [Settings]Cap letter for titles on root panel → [META][Settings]Cap letter for titles on panels
per discussion offline with EJ, we will try to fix general bugs, set UX review and land this issue.

Then tracking followup UI good-first bugs in bug 1073341.
Blocks: 1073341
Summary: [META][Settings]Cap letter for titles on panels → [Settings]Fix Cap letter for titles on panels based on new Building Blocks
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Help to set ui-review? on Jenny for this patch.

@Jenny, if you need any help about how to flash patched to your device, please feel free to ask us for help :)

I'll pass this review to UX and once ui-review+, this patch would automatically get review+ from me.

Thanks !!
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Hi Ej,it seems on landing page, Media "storage" is not title case. There are still a few titles that needs fixing in some of the panels, especially the ones on 2nd or deeper layers. Per discussion, let's go through the items and post them on meta bug, the goal is to get all of them in 2.2. Thank you ;)
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as EJ's comment, carry r+ from jenny.

fixed Media 'storage' bug. merged to gaia-master
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Thanks jenny! Please fire those sub-items' bugs and link them on meta bug 1073341,

Then we could set those bugs as good-first bug and mentor new contributors to fix them all in 2.2.
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Target Milestone: --- → 2.1 S6 (10oct)
Unfortunately I've had to revert this due to Gij failures. These failures are not your fault, and are masked by bug 1075787.

Here is an example of the failure:
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Resolution: FIXED → ---
I think this is because of the 'Create Account or Sign In' string changing. Note that it's bad practice to have hardcoded strings like this, and would be better to use an l10n helper to parse the properties file and extract the expected string based on key.

Here is the original commit + a patch which may address the failing test. Let's wait to see what gaia-try says, and if it looks good we can land this as a fix.
I think my attachment above and test fix should handle this. We can land it after the tree re-opens.
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I've relanded this for you with the test fix:
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