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User Story

As a  user, I want to Marketplace to be able to identify a request to be a request from a specific OEM device.

As a user, I want to be able to have the specific OEM's "OEM shelf" when the Operator shelf is not available.

As the OEM, we want to receive a revenue-share based on revenues derived from preloaded applications on our specific OEM devices from Marketplace

(comment, there are other use cases, such as semi-exclusive apps/collections but that can be resolved via private listings aka hidden URL. And real exclusivity to any device can be achieved in-app)
Our partner wants to add the device model to the UA string in order to enable a number of websites to target this specific device, or to target devices from the specific hardware maker. This is in part to enable things like revenue sharing, but also for other website specific customizations.

We've done this for most (all?) other releases.

Filing this in part to get information about how we recommend that hardware makers do this. In part so that we can mark other bugs as dependent on this.
afaik, OEMs have been using the general.useragent.override preference for that.

Maybe we could let them instead set a general.useragent.device_model pref and directly use it to augment the UA. That would limit risks of getting the gecko version wrong in general.useragent.override
I filed bug 1072050 on adding such a pref. Not sure if we want to block this bug on that or not.
(In reply to Jonas Sicking (:sicking) from comment #2)
> I filed bug 1072050 on adding such a pref. Not sure if we want to block this
> bug on that or not.

I agree, this is too late for 2.1
Blocks: 1040412
Whiteboard: [dependency: marketplace]
Blocks: 1073185
If FxOS does not implement this change, can we implement bug 1073185?
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I'd expect they would just use the override in comment 1.  We should specify the parameters we will look for so it's as simple as possible to do.  Like /.*Tako[ ;].*/ or similar
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Comment 6

4 years ago
Described the needinfo request as three (clear?) use-cases
User Story: (updated)
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Hellooooo clouserw

are the use cases above enough to build against?
are there questions / more detailed requirements you need answered by dvd?
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I have some questions about OEM shelf -- not sure I'm clear on the details there.  I feel like that will be troublesome to maintain as we start shipping more and more phones and it's appearing as a fallback on devices where it wasn't expected to.  This will also contribute to QA headaches about "why am I seeing this app?"

Is there a PRD where I can look at what the feature is trying to accomplish?  Thanks.
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Comment 9

4 years ago
No PRD so far for this specific OEM. David Bialer has an OEM shelf PRD in draft I believe. I will review it and update to make sure these requirements are handled.
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