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Feature Request: Play sound when download completes


(Firefox :: Downloads Panel, enhancement)

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Hi guys.

Summary: This is a long standing request for a simple feature that was present in various add-ons and that has dissapeared. You can see here since when it has been asked for:

-In the Options menu, General tab, Downloads section, a simple tick can be put (unticked by default) that says: *Play sound when a dowload completes*. A default sound to be added by you guys would be nice, otherwise a system sound would work good as well, like the *Default Beep (or bip)* or the *Asterisk* one (windows default system sounds).
-Options should be added down the road to exclude certain files from sounding the alarm when downloading (.jpg .gif .mp3 .txt ; etcetera.)
-Customization of sounds.

The good, the bad and the ugly:
-Good: Usability ramps up, the user gets more control over their bandwidth, time to work or do different activities, and in general, it improves the firefox experience, which is not good, IT'S GREAT!
-Bad: Several options would have to be added and bughunted, like the "search for file" options to customize the sound as well as the exclusion of certain files that have little weith and are generally downloaded in quick succession: .jpg .gif .mp3 .txt  etcetera.
-Ugly: Support, development time and localization.

So hey, there you have it. Discuss.! Cheers from a Venezuela long standing fan of Firefox:

Component: Preferences → Downloads Panel
Severity: normal → enhancement
Whiteboard: [outreachy-2021-downloads]
Whiteboard: [outreachy-2021-downloads]

Hello, this is Vaidehi, an outreachy applicant. I am looking for my first bug to solve. Would like to work on this one.

I think TB would be well served to put a last "get messages" time stamp down in the status bar.

Would like to augment this beep request, I believe the most recent of this issue, because I wish for a similar feature but in a beneficial way that may relate. I was pondering how awkward it is constantly questioning if I missed the button, did it work, is it still working but the progress bar hasn't popped up, did the progress bar not pop up because it was fast, etc. With that perspective, the progress bar only serves a modal purpose to warn that TB is stuck or busy when it should be every status of that nature, not just select conditions.

I'm not sure about services other than email as I don't use them, but the time stamp could include the time/date/mailbox selected whether all or any, just parrot the selection from the pull-down menu and sit there static until next time with it's own permanent real estate like the online icon. It shouldn't be superseded by alternative changes to the status bar. Getting fancier, it could even display the user selection before the finish time pops up, the time related to finishing the task and not working on it as that's the progress bar's bailiwick. I say fancier because that would wipe out the previous displayed status, and might be disingenuous if the process fails and would require more thought on interface.

Essentially, tacking a sound onto progress completion would be the same routine, just a different output should there be a checkbox in the preferences.

PS: I've had this argument many times and considering both sides, I believe that a working automaton should report that it's working in certain circumstances. I think my first argument was regarding facsimile machines not reporting that the call went through or that the transmission completed. It seemed like overnight that like-minded people created fax machines that did exactly that, first with paper chits and finally end-of-an-era network messaging. I dislike the proliferation of redundant "are you sure?" and okay-to-the-okay user interfaces that proliferated from programmers who need rules, so there's a place and time to always consider; I have been saved by an "are you sure?"

Severity: normal → S3
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