Multiple locales were missing in Lightning 3.3.1 release



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Steps to reproduce:

My calendar(Lightning add-on) from 3.3 upgrade to 3.3.1. The Chinese UI is disappear.

I check lightning-zh-TW.jar,calendar-zh-TW.jar ,chrome.manifest can not found those jar files and zh-TW setting when I re-install Lightning plugin 3.3.1 version on MS windows.

Actual results:

 The 3.3.1 version not include calendar-zh-TW.jar, lightning-zh-TW.jar Chinese translation files.

Expected results:

It should be show up Traditional Chinese.


4 years ago
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Confirmed. The 3.3 release on does have sk, zh-CN, zh-TW, but these locales are missing in 3.3.1 release on AMO, and Nightly locale builds are still working.

Pike, this should be something related to the building process right?
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I don't know a lot about calendar, moving over to there for investigation.
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Product: Mozilla Localizations → Calendar
QA Contact: petercpg
Target Milestone: --- → 3.3.1
I wonder how this happened, I assume its because of the shipped-locales file on comm-esr31. Looks like I need to release 3.3.2.
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4 years ago
Also reporting same for Lithuanian and Gaelic, seems to be a general problem
Summary: Lightning 3.3.1 not include Chinese( Traditional ,Simplified) Translation → Multiple locales were missing in Lightning 3.3.1 release
Created attachment 8541232 [details]

Could you try this xpi and see if it works for you? I've copied over all locales from 3.3
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4 years ago
After restart, calendar is still all in English :(
Michael, gd and lt were not part of Lightning 3.3 either, can you confirm? Is it possible that there was some mixup with the dashboard and signoffs at that time?

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4 years ago
Isn't 3.3 well past the point when we agreed that signoff on Tb would automatically work for Lightning or something? I honestly can't remember, I'm useless with dates and numbers.
Yes, at times of 3.3 the Thunderbird signoff is the one used for Lightning. I can't say why the locale was not included at that time though. The only way I can do that now is to manually compile calendar-gd.jar and lightning-gd.jar and add them in to 3.3.2. I can see if I can create a script that does it from the repository if you give me changesets that work.
(In reply to Philipp Kewisch [:Fallen] from comment #5)
> Created attachment 8541232 [details]
> lightning-win32-332.xpi
> Could you try this xpi and see if it works for you? I've copied over all
> locales from 3.3

zh-TW came back in this build.

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4 years ago
I have no idea how to do a changeset but since the number of users is probably low for this locale, I'm ok waiting for 3.4 assuming it won't be a year or so before it comes out.
With changeset I mean the version you would sign off on where the locale is green on the dashboard, but for the branch of 3.3.x. Version 3.4 is already in beta, thr next would be Lightning 4.0
If you have trouble finding that version let me know, I'll try to extract the info from the dashboard and hg repository in the next few days.
I'd suggest to go through the tagged revisions on (beta still tags, too)
Created attachment 8541355 [details]
lightning-win32-332.xpi - v2

So I used the signed-off changeset from for gd and lt, and both locales were missing strings at the time.

I also tried to go down a few commits in the gd repository, the closest I got to success was changeset 02974f2e1dbf from August 25th, where there are only 4 errors and no missing strings. The same for lt with changeset 3da4e0197337.

I've attached an xpi containing the locales at those changesets, please test.

The proposed release date for Lightning 4.0 is 2015-05-19 per (look for Firefox 38). We need to make sure we find a solution so this can be done with the build system until then. This means making sure the commits occur in the right order. If Thunderbird stuff was pushed first, you need to sign off Thunderbird on the Lightning changeset.
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4 years ago
That worked for me (gd), thanks Philipp.

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4 years ago
Seems to work for lt as well. Can you publish this update on AMO?
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
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Target Milestone: 3.3.1 → 3.3.2
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