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Update the login session status in the Loop panel/accounts page when signing out from one of the sides


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1. Click on the Loop button
2. Sign in
3. In the Loop panel click on the Account settings
4. In the account's page click 'Sign out'
5. Click on the Loop button

Actual results:
Loop panel displays I'm still signed in. Clicking on the 'Account' button says the session expired, but the Loop panel doesn't get updated.
And the vice-versa:
1. Click on the Loop button
2. Sign in
3. In the Loop panel click on the Account settings
4. Go back to the Loop panel and Sign out
5. In the account's page opened at the step 3, click on the 'Delete account' button

Actual results:
I'm asked to provide the password in order to delete the account

Expected results:
Session expired
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Chris, I think I heard mentions of this before but is this something that the server plans to implement anytime soon? We may be able to use WebChannel for this and have Loop create a persistent registration for a certain webChannelID to listen for logouts and/or notify the page of logouts.
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At the high level, the logged in state of Loop and the account settings page on the Web are decoupled. Signing out of one will not sign you out of another. 

This is a fairly complex issue. We will have a many different services connected to FxA and we decided to have an architecture such that the user can individually connect and disconnect their account to these services. 

Ryan Feeley (Cloud Services UX) and I need to figure out what the intended UX is.
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I would afford some flexibility to the relying service as different services have different needs. For example, in Gmail, when you sign out of chat, you do not see to sign back in to re-enable chat. Relying services should be able to configure that, upon logout, the user then see:
1. A blank login form
2. A pre-populated login form
3. A current user + password form
4. A continue as user form
Will discuss momentarily with Chris.
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It's still not clear if/what we should do here.

A clear description for logging out from each of the sides is required for this to be actionable. I personally don't think this needs to block 35 since Sync has the same problem.
The workaround for Sync was that we don't show the logout option the Web-based settings page if visited from the Sync menu panel. 

There is no easy solution here. We're not forcing you to be logged in to or logged out of everything with FxA. The user can choose to enable or disable the FxA services she wants. "Manage" takes you to the Account settings, which is distinct from Loop, and the logged in states of Loop, Sync, and the Account Settings page are not tightly coupled at the moment.

We'll need guidance from :rfeeley on a broader treatment of this issue if the current setup is confusing to users.
Hi Chris,

Do you know when this is planned to be addressed (not sure where it is on the priority for FxA)?  we'll pull off backlog once we know, but not actionable currently.  thank you.
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Support for Hello/Loop has been discontinued.

Hence closing the old bugs. Thank you for your support.
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