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Search results dismissed on keyboard dismissal


(Firefox for Android Graveyard :: Search Activity, defect)

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Start the search activity, enter 't', see results, dismiss keyboard and search results are removed from view.

We shouldn't dismiss results on keyboard dismissal.
This sounds like a UX question. I could see it making sense to dismiss the suggestions, since you're not typing anymore if the keyboard is dismissed. This is especially true if you're on the results page. If we didn't dismiss the suggestions there you wouldn't be able to get back to the results. I'm leaning towards WONTFIX on this one.

NI to antlam to decide what we should do here.
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The reason I filed this is because the keyboard is covering most of the results, I'm unable to see what else I got back behind the keyboard. Dismissing the keyboard, dismisses the results. It's a waste of a query if I can't tap on what I can't select.
I see the user expectation that you're referring to here.. 

When we decided to change that as a part of bug 1057390, the tradeoffs were (and still are), between "how valuable those suggestions that being covered up actually are, versus getting you out and back to your search history (which we're trying to focus on improving here).

We're getting telemetry right now on the value of those lower down suggestions, but odds are, if you're already typing (and know what you're looking for) you'd just continue hitting one more character or just use the + function to keep appending your search. 

I'm going to say this should be a WONTFIX at least for V1 as we start to set the table for a better overall experience that focuses less on suggestions but more on history & results.
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Resolving per Comment 3.
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