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Firefox browser performance is not good than other browser.


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Steps to reproduce:

1)open Firefox with four new tabs(any websites)and checks the performance in task manager.
2)open some other browser(ex: i tried in Google chrome) with same websites.
3)compare both the browser performance.

Actual results:

Firefox consumes more memory and processor than other browsers.

Expected results:

Firefox have to consume less memory space and should have good processing speed
Group: core-security
Sorry, but your summary is too vague, we need more info. Could you:
1) Attach a memory log to the bug (type about:memory, measure and save the log).
2) Paste your add-on list (add-on table in about:support)
3) Run this test with a clean profile?
Flags: needinfo?(vigneshganesh9)
I have attached a file with that.It shows about memory and CPU usage.
Flags: needinfo?(vigneshganesh9)
.docx format is not user-freidnly, upload the graph as PDF or JPEG, please.
Severity: normal → S3
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