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4 years ago
When entering a string in the URL bar that by default leads to a search at Google, the first entry in the new Unified Autocomplete looks like this:

  <urlInput> - Search with Google

When the first entry in the new Unified Autocomplete leads to visiting a web page, the output looks like this:

  Visit <urlInput>

Personally the different locations of the <urlInput> makes it hard for me to skim the output and looks inconsistent.

Would it be better to make the position of <urlInput> consistently either the first or the last string?

Comment 1

4 years ago
Requesting UX input from :phlsa on this one.
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Yeah, that makes sense.

We can switch to
<urlInput> — Visit this page
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Comment 3

4 years ago
(In reply to Philipp Sackl [:phlsa] from comment #2)
> Yeah, that makes sense.
> We can switch to
> <urlInput> — Visit this page

Thanks Philipp

Is there a special reason you favor to put the "- Visit this page" at the end? Personally I prefer the solution

  Visit <urlInput>

as it

1. avoids the "this page" part of the "Visit this page" as the context is clear and therefore the overall message is shorter
2. as the user types more of the urlInput string, the visualization of the form [Visit <urlInput>] has to change less than for [<urlInput> - Visit this page] (in the later the entire "Visit this page" moves to the right. The less changing pixels looks more relaxing to me.

What do you think?

PS: Please let me know if I am nagging too much for small details :/
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So, I gave this whole thing some more thought (and actually visualized it) and I think we should stick with the current behavior.

The reason is that it is actually not a bad thing that they look a little different. That way it gets easier to tell what behavior will be triggered in which cases.

So I'm marking this wontfix for now.

That being said, there were two reasons for the direction in comment #2:
Having the »Visit« string in the front would also mean that we'd have to put something like »Search Google for« there when searching.
That would cause two problems:
1) It doesn't localize well
2) It is significantly longer than »Visit« and the query string would be jumping after all

And don't worry about nagging ;)
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