OTA update that is cancelled while "uncompressing" cannot be installed, even after re-clicking "install" in notification bar.



4 years ago
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4 years ago
I have a problem where today's daily OTA update is downloaded, but always gets stuck at "Uncompressing..."

The STRs to get into this state were:

1. Download the daily OTA update.
2. During the "Uncompressing" phase, click on the "Uncompressing..." notification.
3. On the "Cancel All Downloads" screen, cancel everything.
4. When the daily OTA update notification appears again, click install.
5. User is immediately sent to step 2.

The OTA update uncompresses and can be applied.

Device: Flame
BuildID: 20140929000203

Comment 1

4 years ago
Workaround found:

1. Reboot phone
2. Go to Settings->Device information->Check for updates
3. Click "Check Now"
4. Wait for notification to appear.
5. Re-download and install the daily update.
I've install Flame-kk with the same BuildID, update to BuildID 20150105160200 and try to replicate this bug. In step 3 "Cancel All Downloads", I found the uncompressing is still going in the backgroud:

I/GeckoUpdater( 2055): Progress [ ==================                                 ]
I/Gecko   (  204): UpdatePrompt: Pausing download
I/GeckoDump(  204): XXX FIXME : Got a mozContentEvent: update-download-cancel
I/GeckoUpdater( 2055): Progress [ ===================                                ]
I/GeckoUpdater( 2055): Progress [ ====================                               ]

So in step 4, click install will install directly without uncompressing again.
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Comment 3

4 years ago
Eric, I have since started to use my phone as my primary device and have downgraded from Nightly to 2.1. When I get some free cycles, I'll back the phone up, re-flash it with Nightly, and give it a try to verify the problem no longer manifests.
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Comment 4

6 months ago
Firefox OS is not being worked on
Last Resolved: 6 months ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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