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Include a "donate" link in the About Firefox dialog


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The text of the About Firefox page includes a link to the "get involved" page, but not a "donate" link. We should add the option there of to make a donation. Something that looks like the attached.

Patch forthcoming, momentarily.
Why does not include the option to donate?
I have an excellent answer to that question that the scope of this bug is too small to contain.
Adds a direct "donate" link to About Firefox. Link comes from Geoffrey's team.

Will be CC'ing GMC at M's suggestion.
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cc'ing the C.
Dao - I've since learned that in mid October, that page's redesign will include donate link. I'd still like to include a link in-client, though.
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First the technical feedback:

For various not great reasons, every time you need to change a string in Firefox, you need to also change its name, so that the semantic change is visible to localizers.

So contribute.start and contribute.getInvolvedLink need to change names. To remain consistent, we might as well change all the contribute.* strings. Perhaps just change them to "helpus.*".
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Second, feedback on the idea itself:

Soliciting donations has to be done in context, and I'm not sure this is the best context - but it's probably the best place in Firefox proper (given the message surrounding it and relative unobtrusiveness).

The proposed user flow still is a bit confusing: user is using Firefox, opens the about dialog and reads about our "global community", is asked to donate (to whom? the community?), clicks the link, ends up at the sendto page that mentions "Donate to Mozilla", has a general mission statement and second mention of the community, and vague easy-to-miss description of what the money is used for (charitable purposes). Is this donation related to their use of Firefox? Is it supporting development of Firefox, or something else?

I don't expect you to necessarily have answers to this concern, but I thought I'd raise it. Not a deal killer - I assume the intent is to support Foundation fundraising goals, but note that due to l10n restrictions, we can't really release this fully-localized before Firefox 36, which is out at the end of February.
Thanks for the feedback, I'll correct and resubmit.
Resubmitting with the changes mentioned. I agree that the proposed interaction flow isn't perfect, but the link gives us a measurable result to experiment against once it's in.
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>diff --git a/browser/base/content/aboutDialog.xul b/browser/base/content/aboutDialog.xul

>-          <description class="text-blurb" id="contributeDesc">
>+          <description class="text-blurb" id="helpusDesc">

No need to change this ID - doing so breaks the aria-describedby reference earlier in the file.

r=me with that change undone.
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Attachment #8505011 - Attachment is obsolete: true
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There's generally no need to re-request review on an r+ed patch if the only change you made was the one requested - though of course you're welcome to if there's something you want double-checked.

One thing I realized only now, looking at it again: the start/middle/end strings give localizers some required flexibility in wording, but it does forces the ordering of the "Make a donation" and "get involved!" links (one before the other). Hopefully that is not problematic for any of our supported languages.
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OK, thanks. Off we go.
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On m-c now...
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