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Try push not appearing in treeherder for >45mins


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(Reporter: n.nethercote, Unassigned)


46 minutes after doing a try push, Treeherder is saying:

> Unknown revision ID. This could be because your push has not been
> processed yet, or the revision ID could be invalid. This page will 
> refresh occasionally, so your push should show up within a few minutes
> if it does exist.

I've refreshed multiple times without success.

But TBPL is showing the job just fine.

Here are the links:

I've done a lot of try pushes over the past few days, and this is the second time this has happened, though I didn't record the URLs of the previous occurrence.
It looks like try was just closed, in case that's relevant.
I'm guessing this has the same cause as bug 1075799.
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
The ingestion of the pushlog and the ingestion of job results are two separate tasks. Bug 1075799 was about the latter, this bug is about the former.

This bug was partly due to the various server restarts for the security updates (a la the email to all@).

However, the recovery from these infra issues could definitely be better. Bug 1076750 handles increasing capacity & resilience to issues, so I think this is best duped over there.

For reference - the reason TBPL displays the push and treeherder didn't, is that TBPL merely requests the pushlog in the client, and then polls the TBPL backend for the job results that are then overlayed on top of it in a non-persistent manner. This is extremely limiting, since the backend has no concept of a "push" and so greatly limits the features that can be implemented. Treeherder on the other hand, ingests the pushlog and combines it with the job results server side.
OS: Mac OS X → All
Priority: -- → P1
Hardware: x86 → All
Summary: Try job has "Unknown revision ID." on Treeherder, but shows up on TBPL → Try push not appearing in treeherder for >45mins
To be clear: if this issue occurs again, please reopen or file a new bug - the reason for duping rather than marking this as dependant on bug 1076750 was that much of the cause for this particular instance was due to the server reboots.
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