When a Firefox Nightly update is pending, LastPass addon stops filling passwords




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3 years ago
I have LastPass configured to automatically log out after 90 minutes of inactivity.

If I leave my computer overnight and a Firefox Nightly update is pending when I return in the morning (and LastPass has auto-logged-out), when I log back in to LastPass it no longer auto fills passwords.

After applying the update and restarting, the problem goes away (and LastPass works as expected).

I tried manually logging out of LastPass with an update pending and that does not trigger the problem.

This has been happening for a while, at least since Nightly 33 or 34.
I see this too, but I think something is blocking Lastpass from opening a dialog (could be a platform or extension bug).  Can be worked by dismissing any prompt to apply/install an update, or the about window, then LastPass can open a dialog (for 2FA in my case).
FWIW, I have update prefs set to 'Check for updates, but let me choose whether to install them'. 

Steps to reproduce
1, be running Mac Nightly, logged off from lastpass    (version 3.1.54)
2, Nightly > About Nightly to open about: dialog box
3, try to log into lastpass

Expected: dialog for 2FA process, login successful when 2FA complese

Actual: no dialog, no 2FA, no login or password unlock

Can't reproduce this on windows with the about dialog open, or on mac with the browser console open. Seems to be specific to update windows on mac.

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3 years ago
I don't have 2FA enabled in LastPass, and I have updates set to "automatically install".
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