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Source Server indexing not working with header files from dist/include


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(In reply to :dmajor (away 3-7 October) from bug 462159 comment #18)
> Looking at the first October nightly:
> xul.sym
> nsTArray is my usual example since it's so common:
> FILE 477
> I can pull it up manually in a browser:
> nsTArray.h
> But the debugger can't. With |!sym noisy| I get this warning:
> c:\builds\moz2_slave\m-cen-w32-ntly-000000000000000\build\obj-
> firefox\dist\include\nstarray.h not indexed

I poked at this more, and I figured it out. I downloaded, decompressed it, and then pulled out the source indexing stream using:
/c/Program\ Files/Debugging\ Tools\ for\ Windows\ \(x64\)/srcsrv/pdbstr.exe -r -p:firefox.pdb -s:srcsrv

grepping that output for nsTArray shows (among other lines):

So the debugger is trying to match the full original path that the file was included from (in dist/include), but we're doing the path translation a little too early here and sticking the srcdir path in the source stream so it can't find the file it's looking for.

This actually doesn't look too hard to fix, the path we stick into the source index is saved here:

and we don't use that variable anywhere else, we could probably just move its assignment up three lines to before we do any massaging on it and it ought to work:

I assume using the filename as it comes straight from the PDB here would make the debugger happy, since that's where the debugger is getting the filename anyway...
I have a patch (the simple thing I mentioned above). Building locally and running "./mach buildsymbols" then copying + expanding the firefox.pd_ file out of dist/crashreporter-symbols and running pdbstr on it like so shows:
/c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Windows\ Kits/8.1/Debuggers/x86/srcsrv/pdbstr.exe -r -p:firefox.pdb -s:srcsrv | grep nsTArray

So this should work.
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Pull down this commit:

hg pull -r ae85789070ff53b106a0ac322cb2741d406d7a8f
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Backed out in because it turned out not to be a great thing to have a 3 hour hang in make check.
I believe the hang was from the change in bug 528092, I'm sorry about that. I'll run these by the try server before landing again.
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