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modules/freetype2 needs a FTL LICENSE file


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In the directory modules/freetype2, there are many files which say:

/*  This file is part of the FreeType project, and may only be used,       */
/*  modified, and distributed under the terms of the FreeType project      */
/*  license, LICENSE.TXT.  By continuing to use, modify, or distribute     */
/*  this file you indicate that you have read the license and              */
/*  understand and accept it fully.                                        */

However, there is no LICENSE.TXT file in any of those directories.

Please check in a copy of:
to modules/freetype2, under the name LICENSE.TXT.

roc: who's the right person for this?

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Jonathan Kew?
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Include a copy of FreeType's license in the tree.

r=gerv. Thanks :-)

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Hmm, on looking slightly further at modules/freetype2:

In the top-level README, we find the statement "see the file `docs/LICENSE.TXT' for the available licenses".[1]

And sure enough, there's a LICENSE.TXT file in the docs subdirectory.[2] This in turn references the individual licenses found in docs/FTL.TXT and docs/GPLv2.TXT.

Is that sufficient? (It's a direct copy of what's found upstream.) Or do you still want a LICENSE.TXT checked in to the top level of modules/freetype2 as well?

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Sorry, I should have been more clear. This is basically because my automated license checker doesn't parse the English in the README. If it sees a license of the type "see file XXX in parent directory", it looks in all parent directories for a file of that name which contains a license. For this directory, it doesn't find one, so throws an error.

Sticking a copy of LICENSE.TXT where the source code comments say to expect it seemed like the best fix. Writing special-case code is something I'm trying to avoid.

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OK; but I'd suggest it would be less confusing (for humans, if not for your automated checker!) if we just copy modules/freetype2/docs/LICENSE.TXT up to modules/freetype2/LICENSE.TXT rather than copying FTL.TXT under a changed name. That way, the two LICENSE.TXT files would both say the same thing. Would that work for you?
Yep, WFM.

OK, here's a second version of the patch for your reviewing pleasure. :)
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Include a copy of FreeType's LICENSE.TXT at the top level of modules/freetype2.

Hmm. I guess the reason I think this is less useful is that it doesn't give the license terms. Mozilla is using FreeType2 under the FTL, so it kind of makes sense that the top-level LICENSE file should be the FTL.

Still, my checker can detect this, so I'm not too worried. Go with whichever patch you think is best.

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Let's go with the second patch, to avoid possible confusion over the filename.

Marking as checkin-needed.
Note to sheriffs: there's no code here, only a license file, so no try build required.
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