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4 years ago
4 years ago


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As a release manager, there are patch attributes that I typically look for when assessing a patch for uplift approval. Two of these attributes are whether there are string changes and UUID changes. I think that we can improve the interface by allowing for decorators to be associated with an attachment and displayed in the UI. I envision this working as follows:

1. patch is attached to bug
2. patch is scanned by decorator logic to determine whether to display decorator (for ex, scanned for string or UUID changes) and flag set on bug
3. UI displayed icon/text with attachment listing (for ex, a patch could be decorated with the text "String changes" or "UUID changes", although a smaller icon is probably preferable)

I think this type of logic can be used for additional logic such as flagging patches that do not follow the style guide, patches that include tests, patches that fall into S/M/L buckets, etc.

To be clear, this request is for Bugzilla to implement the ability to add a decorator. I think decorators should be written as add-ons or extensions to Bugzilla that can be optionally installed (much like Hg/Git repo hooks).


4 years ago
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