Add files which don't pass jshint from apps/bluetooth to .jshintignore



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There are some .js files which return errors when hint is run, these file paths aren't still a part of .jshintignore

These have to be added and then cleaned up to pass jshint.

|deviceList.js | and |transfer.js | fail the test.
Blocks: 1077770
No longer blocks: 1077770
Depends on: 1077770
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Could you please check if this is fine. Adding this should clear the other related bugs.

The tracker Bug is 1077770 which is blocked by this bug.
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Fabrice, Could you please review this and merge.

It is going to help clear the Lint/Hint issues in those js files. The tracker for the hint fix is bug 1077770
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Comment on attachment 8499960 [details] [review]

The Gij failures need to be investigated.
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I think the Gij failures are intermittent failures filed as bug 1061390 and has no relation to the code changed in the pull request.
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Resolution: --- → FIXED
Why would we do this?  These files should be fixed, and not ignored. Files in .jshintignore are generally for third party scripts which will not be passable on jshint.

These files should be fixed and removed from xfail.list - there's nothing that we should add to .jshintignore.

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Resolution: FIXED → WONTFIX
Note: if you are not running 'make hint', you need to pass in the NO_XFAIL=1 option.

These files will be fixed and not left to be ignored. These files are currently failing jshint, so the process to fix these has been organized in these steps.

1077769 - Add these files to .jshintignore
1077771 & 1077772 - Fix these files by removing those line from .jshintignore
1077770 - The tracking to check if the other the two files are fixed.

So these files are going to be fixed but its just that adoption of a long way to do it step by step. I think the revert should be reverted again. so that it could be solved.

xfail.list has the files corresponding to css errors and warnings, we have lint problems, maybe the best would be to solve both of them together ?
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Resolution: WONTFIX → ---
Please do not add any more files to .jshintignore. Anything we are planning on fixing should be added to the xfail.list here:

If they are causing problems, it's because you're not executing the command properly, you should use NO_XFAIL=1.

Let's simply fix the files and remove them from xfail.list.
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Last Resolved: 4 years ago4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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