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Fix jshint error in apps/bluetooth/js/deviceList.js


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2.1 S7 (24Oct)


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Errors in the Li test.
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I am not sure if we have an official peer of the bluetooth code, but I think this needs more work before a review pass. I've left a comment on github, we should rarely use the exceptions where possible, and they should be documented. Please re-flag me for feedback if you'd like once this is addressed.
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Updated it and put in line comments.
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Thank you for the patch. Unfortunately for our CI to process this file, it needs to be removed from xfail.list, otherwise this doesn't have much benefit. You can find xfail.list here:

I've also added some additional comments on github. We should not be using these jshint flags. We should address the problem so we don't need these special flags.

Please address and re-flag me. Thanks!
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Clearing the review flag on Fabrice for now as we need these issues addressed before the review pass. Thanks!
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Pushed the changes.
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Feedback+. Forwarding the review for Ian to do though. Thank you for your contribution!
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The patch is working fine with my manual test. And there is no jshint error after applied it. But, have to make sure all tests passed on try-server. Thanks for Sudheesh's contribution here. :) r+ with me
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Hi, can't merge this pull request, seems there are merge conflicts. Could you guys take a look, thanks!
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Hi Carsten,

Rebased, cleared merge conflict. Good to merge
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Closed: 7 years ago
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