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I believe that the content you see should always gets submitted on Enter key. At the moment we autocorrect and then submit. That's very strange behavior.


Hello worlENTER

Hello world gets submitted

(FYI saw this on 2.0, and the Enter key gets prevent defaulted, will verify on master).

ni? omega for UX feedback


4 years ago
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I check the search input of Yahoo!TW mobile site and found that stock Android doesn't autocorrect but FxOS does. I guess that's because our keyboard doesn't respect autocomplete/autocorrect attributes. We can fix that issue first.
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Sorry, but how is that relevant?

We use 'x-inputmode="verbatim"' to disable autocorrect features by the way. See the discussion in bug 943690.
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Got it. I think there are some issues here:
1) Should keyboard autocorrect on Enter key?
   IMO the answer is yes. Android and iOS do the same thing.
2) Should we implement autocorrect attribute for inputs?
   The discussion is in bug 943690 like you mentioned. I don't have much thought on that.
3) If pressing Enter will submit a form, should it autocorrect the word and then submit?
   If possible, it's good to submit it without autocorrection at that moment. Do you have any idea how we can do that?
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About 3. I don't know. I think if the Enter keypress gets preventDefault'ed we should not autocorrect, that helps a little, but I don't know if we have form submit information on Gecko side.
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Don't know if we can get the submit information of an input field.
cc Fabrice in case he knows.
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(In reply to Yuan Xulei [:yxl] from comment #5)
> Don't know if we can get the submit information of an input field.
> cc Fabrice in case he knows.

I don't know, sorry. Maybe Olli?
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Could you listen for submit event and that would cancel autocorrection (I assume autocorrection happens asynchronously)?

> Don't know if we can get the submit information of an input field.
What does that mean? What information?
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