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[L10n] Unsorted list on Firefox OS devices page, and unlocalized content at Firefox partner page


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I have found four L10n related issues on two pages under; one unsorted list (or, more correctly, a list hard-coded in English), an unlocalized navigation bar, an unlocalized image (that functions as a sub-header), and an unlocalized button. All examples in screenshots are marked with red borders.

Descriptions of the issues:

1) Unsorted list of countries at the devices page for Firefox OS. See attachment 1 [details] [diff] [review] (001_Firefox-OS_Devices_country-list-(locations)_Unsorted.png).
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The locations list of countries seems to be hard-coded in English. The result is a list where entries retain their positions in the list according to the English alphabetical order. They should instead automatically be sorted alphabetically, preferably according to the rules for the locale, but otherwise at least according to the rules for en-US. At the moment, the number of listed countries is relatively short, and thus still readable. But as more and more items are entered, it will eventually be too unordered to be usable.

2 a) Unlocalized navigation bar at the partners page for Firefox, top of the page. See attachment 2 [details] [diff] [review] (002a_Firefox-Partners_Topmost-navigation-bar_unlocalized-content.png).
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The navigation bar at the top of the page is unlocalized, and even though I suspect most translators will leave it alone, it may be important for some locales to have the option of translation.

2 b) Unlocalized image/sub-header and an unlocalized Google Play button at the partners page for Firefox, sub-section "Firefox for Android". See attachment 3 [details] [diff] [review] (002b_Firefox-Partners_Firefox-for-Android-pane_unlocalized-content.png).
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For all other pages I have translated, which mentions Firefox for Android, both the brand name "Firefox for Android" and the Google Play download button have been translated as well, or at least made available for translation. It would be preferable to have that option, to the end of avoiding too much mixing of languages and keeping the language homogeneous cross webpages within

/Mikael Hiort af Ornäs
1. Definitely an issue. We risk to have the same problem on the /contribute page, but we're planning to get localizations from Django for that, so we might be able to fix it (in the /devices page localization comes from a .lang file)

Note about the /partners page: it's usually updated once a year for MWC in Barcelona, not sure if it will happen again.

2a. Unlocalized menu: I believe that's wanted. Both "Firefox OS" and "Marketplace" are considered brand names and shouldn't be localized or transliterated. "Android" is another brand name

2b. Both are images, and we don't localize images. We should use text for both of them, and keep it in mind for the next content update.
This bug is now obsolete as the Firefox OS content is in process of being removed; see bug 1329931.
Closed: 3 years ago
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