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Input currently uses jenkins (ci.mozilla.org) for continuous integration. There are a few problems with our setup:

1. we don't have it set up to test pull requests

2. we're stuck with using whatever services jenkins is currently using

We can fix the first one, but it's a bunch of extra work. SUMO had this set up for a while.

The second one means that our test environment can differ from our server environments and we don't have much control over that.

I think the better solution is to instead switch to Travis CI. This fixes both issues and gives us more flexibility to do things like test against multiple versions of Elasticsearch.
Pushing this off until next quarter.
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Pretty sure Jenkins only has Python 2.6 on it. In order to switch to Django 1.7 which doesn't support Python 2.6, we need to switch to Travis.

Thus, I'm making this bug block bug #1118765.
Blocks: 1118765
@r1cky: This would be a good one to tackle next. It'll be a much better CI experience for us plus it lets us test with Python 2.7 (which we're using) and Elasticsearch 1.2.4 (which we're switching to).
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3 years ago
Grabbing. I'll talk to :mythmon for inspiration.
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3 years ago
Iterated in a pull request until I got it working:

I need to look into separate builds for vendor vs peep.

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3 years ago
Landed on master:

The commit message has the wrong bug # in it :/
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3 years ago
Travis is building master! https://travis-ci.org/mozilla/fjord/builds/
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