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[meta] Improvements to Lightweight Theme support


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We could use Lightweight Themes (LWT) for more things (promotions, customizations and getting started / personalization) if they were better supported in Fennec. We have some performance, memory and usage issues we should address.
Depends on: 894473
Depends on: 1082542
Depends on: 1085771
Depends on: 1108763
Mike, could this be a good "mentor project" meta bug?
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(In reply to :Margaret Leibovic from comment #1)
> Mike, could this be a good "mentor project" meta bug?

This code takes a while to understand what's going on (I remember taking a few days to look into this) and there aren't great starter bugs. I could provide an overview, which might help. Chenxia took a deeper dive to review some of my code – perhaps she'd have more perspective.

That being said, if one can get over the initial hurdle, it could be a good "project" – there are a lot of disjoint bugs that one can tackle. I'm not sure the cause of some of the bugs (e.g. bug 1082928) so there are some deep holes here. Also, some bugs are experimental and investigatory (which is generally less mentorable). There is also some cool opportunity for creativity – for example, bug 894473.

Note that there isn't much to curate here so if we wanted to move forward with this, we're good to go.
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Let's try it! For now, let's just use whiteboard tags to keep track of "mentor project" bugs as we find them, so that we don't lose track of them. Later, we can work on a way to display these bugs to people who come along looking for work, or we can also just do a bug query to look ourselves to help point them in the right direction.
Whiteboard: [mentor project]
Mentor: michael.l.comella
Keywords: meta
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