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GET /calls/?version=<version> should include the callerId for both FxA and non-FxA calls


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In implementing bug 1020449, I've noticed that in the response from GET /calls/?version=<version> for FxA calls (direct fxa-fxa), we're not getting the "callerId" specified.

It is in the non-FxA link clicker calls.

For FxA calls, the callerId should be set to the FxA id of the caller.
I have added a test, if the UserId is present GET /calls returns the callerId.
I will investigate this afternoon to make sure FxA Oauth set the UserId correctly at login.
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I found and fixed the bug, thank you Mark for finding it.
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Alexis, Tarek -- Is this getting deployed this week or early next?  This enables caller ID and call blocking which we have to have in Fx34 by next week.   Alexis and I talked about it early today (roughly 8 hours ago), and my understanding was that it should go out in a few days -- no later than early next week.  Am I correct?

In the meantime, I need to make sure we have a loop server to test against so that client side changes can be tested, verified & uplifted.  I want to uplift the client code into Beta and be ready for when the server fix goes live.  Thanks.
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Per IRC discussions, this appears to be needed in the same timeframe as 0.12.4, which is currently in Stage.
Can this be fixed overnight and rebuilt/deployed to Stage soon after that?
Or do we want to try this for next week?

(timing is everything re: Fx34 and beyond)
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Maire, we need this to ride the trains, at the latest, so it will need to go trough QA before being deployed.

From what we said earlier, you said it would be okay to have this in 6 weeks time.

From IRC logs:

14:24 <mreavy> alexis, mikedeboer : if I explicit select "block contact" from the UI, that contact should not be able to call me. (It's a privacy requirement.)
14:25 <mreavy> alexis, mikedeboer : it's not a requirement for getting into beta, but it is a requirement for going to release in 6 weeks.
14:25 <@alexis> mreavy: We don't have anything related to that on the server side I believe, do we?
14:25 <mreavy> alexis: it relies on caller ID
14:26 <mreavy> alexis: if we don't get the correct caller ID from the server, we don't know to block the call
14:26 <mreavy> mikedeboer: correct me if I'm incorrect ^^^
14:26 <@alexis> e.g. we don't have any blacklist on the serverside
14:26 <@alexis> I thought the block contact would be done only on the client side
14:27 <mikedeboer> mreavy: yes, indeed. But what the server bug does effectively is give us the Fx Account ID, which the client doesn't know what to do with
14:27 <mreavy> alexis: it is on the client side, but we rely on the server giving us the Fx acct ID
14:27 <mreavy> alexis: what mikedeboer just said ;-)
14:27 <@alexis> yeah okay, I get it now
14:27 <@alexis> it will be deployed soon enough :)
14:28 <mreavy> alexis: cool, thanks. Just wanted to let you know it's not a "nice to have" for release in 6 weeks. It's one of the few things that privacy said must be working before we release

Also, it needs action from dev to tag and then action from ops to deploy to stage, then be verified by QA. This needs normally a few days, but QA will be able to tell more.
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(Clearing NI for tarek along the way)

Okay, after some more discussions with Maire it seems that there is a big misunderstanding, and we need this to get out really quickly.

I tagged a new version which should go out instead of the current train we had. It's bug 1082919.
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It's out there. Version 0.12.5 is in Stage and in Prod.
Note to testers: for a callee to receive the caller id, the caller must have last signed into FxA after the deployment time of 0.12.5.
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