Vidyo Desktop 3.3 on Linux no longer sees any audio devices

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After the upgrade to 3.3, Vidyo Desktop is now convinced that I have no microphone or speaker devices.  I can use `pacmd` to see that Vidyo is connected to the PulseAudio server (list-clients) and that the devices exist (list-sinks, list-sources), but they don't appear in the Vidyo GUI, and there is no sound in or out.

This effectively caused me to miss a meeting this morning, because I hadn't prepared a contingency plan ahead of time.

There does not appear to be any useful information in the log file.

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4 years ago
Hello Jed,

I wanted to close the loop with you, since I realized I replied to the Yammer thread but not the bug. As mentioned earlier, I have submitted a case on your behalf to Vidyo.

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4 years ago
Hello Jed,

Just got back a reply from Vidyo Tech Support:

"Hi Mark,

Thank you for the detailed report, can you just provide the log file for tracking?

Also, for temporary testing, can you have them add:

'VIDYO_AUDIO_FRAMEWORK=ALSA' to /etc/environment file and then reboot the system for changes to take effect.

Let us know if this makes any difference.

Thank you,


Can you crank a diagnostic report and attach it to the bug?

Also, Vidyo Desktop 3.3.2 is coming in another week - they think that they have quashed most of these bugs in that release, and want to get your logs to confirm that they have not missed anything.
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I thought I'd already attached the log, but I see not.  I've removed other people's names from this file, but everything else is intact.
If I do `pulseaudio --kill`, then start Vidyo with VIDYO_AUDIO_FRAMEWORK=ALSA, I can connect it directly to the audio device.  (At least it opens the device; I'd need to do a test call with someone else to see if it works.)  This, of course, will break everything else on the system that wants to use audio.

I haven't been able to convince Vidyo to use the ALSA device that backends to PulseAudio.


4 years ago
Whiteboard: [Vidyo CAS-39817]


4 years ago
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