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4 years ago

We would like to request a "Reps monthly" newsletter to include all Reps (400ish people) into a it and send them a monthly report with program updates.


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4 years ago
Jess, could you give us a timeframe to have this?

We need to define the plan for the monthly reports and this is the main blocker.

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4 years ago
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4 years ago
Hi Ben,

we would like to send the newsletter and all workaround don't seem to work. Do you think you might be able to help us with this? What would be a good timeline, we need this asap.

Thank you!


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4 years ago
Hi team. 

Sorry for the delay in responding. Jess and I have been swamped with 10th anniversary, standing up the Getting Involved page and all the usual chaos that we're all dealing with. 

I have some questions about what you are trying to do. And apologies if you have already had to go through this exercise. I'm just trying to get up to speed. 

1) What are the goals of the monthly mailing? What do you hope to achieve? 

2) Is there a reason you want to go with a full-on HTML email through ExactTarget? That's a really big undertaking, time and resource-wise and with a list of 400 people who all have a great relationship with us already, I'm wondering if there is a simpler and faster way to reach them. (A Google Group, or list-serv for example?)

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4 years ago
1) Reach each and every Rep personally to summarize what was going on the program last month. People usually reads inbox but not mailing lists, forums or attend to all weekly calls. We need all Reps to be updated about what's going on and Mozilla initiatives that need them.

2) I asked Jess about this since we could set our own infrastructure, but she told me that all mozilla newsletters should go through your team and tools.

Improving Reps awareness about the program and initiatives is a P1 for us, that's the reason we want to solve this ASAP.

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4 years ago
Hey Nukeador & Rosana!

I apologize for the delay - lots of moving pieces with 2015 stuff, but wanted to circle back 'round on this. 

Ben (and I) are working on a comprehensive email plan for any/everyone doing email at Mozilla and layers of support from Team Email (when to use a google group vs. ExactTarget vs. something in between (and what does that something inbetween look like) + how does all that fit with the new CRM project).

ExactTarget is not the right fit for this need at this time, but we do recognize the need.

For now, please continue to use the google group and stay tuned for more options.


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