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Add mechanism to flag jobs as "ignore failures" until X


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To support sheriffing of non-buildbot jobs in Treeherder, we need to add a mechanism to add a flag to a job type which indicates that failures of this job should be ignored until X.

X could be one of:
- a period of time (i.e., 2 days)
- indefinitely, until toggled
- until a linked bug is resolved

This flag should be applied per-tree, and so we might be able to re-use the UI for managing hidden jobs.

Once a job is thus flagged, all incoming jobs of that type should be marked with this "ignore failures" flag/classification.  Flagged jobs should not count toward the unclassified failure count, and should probably be marked in the UI with a distinct color (lavender, anyone?) if they fail, instead of red/orange.
Priority: -- → P4
I could imagine perhaps a field input and dropdown choice for [n] days/weeks/months/bug-number/indefinitely, which would dim the field input if indefinitely was chosen. And perhaps a tiny calendar if the user wanted to pick a specific day in the future corresponding to some release milestone, which would inject the [n] day into that field.
No longer blocks: 1072676
Blocks: 1113322
No longer blocks: 1113322
This was an early idea around what are now Tier 2 tests; I don't think we need this feature now per-se.  We may want to evolve Tier 2 support in the future, but it's likely not to be exactly as described here.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
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