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ditch chart on public dashboard


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The chart on the public dashboard is just terrible. It tells you things with lines and colors, but they're all lies, misrepresentations and untruths. It's a mish-mosh of unrelated data clumped together as if it means something. It could be mistaken for modern art.

This bug covers the following changes to the public dashboard:

1. ditch the chart

2. make the search widget a first-class citizen at the top of the page

3. (possibly) adjusting the things in the right-most column to talk about Input and User Advocacy and linking to the blog, etc

Things to keep in mind:

1. we want to make sure people know the chart is going away before we make it go away--we can probably do this in a blog post

2. we should push the changes somewhere where the UA folks can play with the results and approve them--we can do this with an A/B test where everyone sees A, but you can see B if you give it the right querystring params.
Grabbing this to work on.
Assignee: nobody → willkg
Blog post here:

That's syndicated on Planet Mozilla, so folks should see it.
Pushed to production and I flipped the waffle flag on Thursday.

Marking this as FIXED.
Closed: 8 years ago
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Whiteboard: u=user c=dashboard p= s=input.2014q4 → u=user c=dashboard p=1 s=input.2014q4
Product: Input → Input Graveyard
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