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4 years ago
4 years ago


(Reporter: paulj, Assigned: Kelli Klein)





4 years ago
Hoping to get a login for BSD so that I can see reporting and other mailing stats for webmaker email program. Thx!

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4 years ago
Heya Paul -- You should have received an email asking you to login and set up a password. If it's not in your inbox check all things postini. 

I'd recommend bookmarking the login page so you've got it handy anytime you need it.

I'm not super clear on whether or not you've used BSD before, and I gave essentially all permission except for user administration. The 'Email' --> 'Manage Mailings' tab would likely be of most interest to you, as well as the 'Analytics' tab. If you've got specific questions or just want me to give you a quick tour just shoot me a Zimbra invite, my calendar is fairly open and it'd probably take less than 15 minutes. Otherwise I'm available on Skype + gchat.
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4 years ago
Thanks, Kelly. I will take a look and let you know if I need any training. I've used lots of email platforms but not specifically BSD.
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