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microsoft ignorance


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Windows ME
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unable to access email at hotmail, unable to access homepage at,
unable to log into passport account. I keep being told to make whatever browser
I am using the default browser. I thought I had made Mozilla my default, as it
is at least 10 times faster than IE6, and doesn't suck all my memory down some
unseem sinkhole.
Do you have PSM installed? (see release notes)
Reporter: Did you install PSM - the Personal Security Manager?
It's optional if you customize an installation.

During installation there's also an option to make Mozilla your default browser.
There's bug 86913 filed on the need for better documentation on how to do this
*after* an installation.

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Does logging in to hotmail, passport etc. work after you install PSM?
PSM was installed at all times, and now indicates encrypted pages.

The comment which appears on page: 
and reads: 
          If you are running a version of PSM, you can confirm the version
number and algorithms supported by visiting this URL:

should either be removed or browserspy repaired so it indicates the true sate of
I'm not sure i understand this bug.. are you able to access hotmail?
I believe this may be not as a result of PSM not being loaded (because it was)
but because I had grown tired of having cookies being loaded onto my machine and
clicked no when asked if I wanted more from MSN/Hotmail/Passport. Microsoft
sites do not like being rejected, and it was necessary for me to then remove all
MSN/Hotmail/Passport cookies and sites from my machine, and accept them thereafter.

Being new to Mozilla, by the time I realised what was going on, I had been asked
if I had loaded PSM, and as I had also noted, at that time, PSM did not appear
to be working, assumed the reason MSM/Hotmail/Pasport was rejecting me was
because of that.

It seems the ability to reject cookies by default is in some instances not a
good thing, as I have found some sites just as sulky as Microsoft.
I interpret you as saying that the secure sites work if you allow them to set
cookies. Thank you for following up. Resolving as "works for me" based on comments.
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