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Port production database to Dev and Stage


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Please update dev and stage database from production. Thanks!
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Depending on how long it takes to do this, we might want to set a timeline for how often it's done.

Assuming it's not something that can be done to both environments every week, these are my thoughts:
* If there is an asymmetric lag, stage should be closer to prod than dev is.
* Stage should be synced no less than once per month.
* Dev should be synced no less than once per quarter.
Because we do so much initial testing on dev, I actually prefer that be updated monthly if possible.
JD updated the dev and stage databases from production.  The process takes approximately 30 minutes per environment.  I don't know if there is old spam in the wiki database that needs to be cleaned out, which might reduce the size of the database.

I don't know if its feasible to earmark one of the wiki release sessions per month for doing the database update.  In discussions w/ JD, it also sounded like it might be useful to occasionally optimize the production wiki database to clean up any fragmentation.
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30 minutes per environment is a lot and you're right in that it probably doesn't make sense to use up an entire release cycle just for this. 

I'll file another bug for figuring how how to handle db migrations etc.
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