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Theme Previewing during Firefox Tour

Implementation bug for previewing/installing themes during the Firefox tour.

Design work can be found in Bug 1072943.
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UITour can already do this via previewTheme() and resetTheme().
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4 years ago
Reopening this as it is not about the technical feasibility of previewing themes, but rather about actually implementing the UI.

This bug is for a Growth Team experiment to test if upfront customization during the tour has any effect on continued usage of Firefox.
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Then this bug doesn't belong in Firefox::General.

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4 years ago
My bad. All the other UI Tour stuff was under Firefox::General. I'm at a loss where else it could go then. Any suggestions?
Alex has been implementing other UITour stuff, over in :: Pages&Content.
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Hey Cmore-

Could you please help us prioritize the importance of this bug?

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(In reply to Jennifer Bertsch [:jbertsch] from comment #6)
> Hey Cmore-
> Could you please help us prioritize the importance of this bug?
> Thx,
> Jen

I'd like to see if we can have the preliminary dev work done on this by the end of Q4. We have supporting data that shows that users that customize their browser are more likely to use it and stay users more long-term. If people are taking a tour and interacting with the browser on the onboarding tour, it is a good opportunity to show customization instead of just telling/teaching. 

Will there be bandwidth to do this be the end of Q4 and to be able to review this on a demo server?
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I'm free till December so I can take this.
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Thanks for showing some interest in this one Kohei! :)

It's worth noting that this page is translated for every locale, so it may need some lead-time for l10n. 

I do also have some minor comments on the suggested design, which may impact both UX and l10n:

1.) There is a mention to auto-cycle through different themes. Seeing as this is the first time many people see Firefox, and they have no idea what's going to happen when they advance to the customize step - I imaging this could be pretty unexpected and jarring for some people?

2.) Design-wise, I do also see some l10n issues fitting these UI pieces in/around variable length text, or within what are essentially fixed-height boxes.

I wonder if it's worth discussing this further before going straight into implementation.
We should probably also factor this into the timing for the hello /firstrun tour updates.
This tour page is no longer the focus for on-boarding new users, so going to close this an incomplete for now.
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