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Steps to reproduce:

1. Have couple of tabs open in the current Firefox Window (Firefox for Desktop). 
2. Click on 'Bookmarks' menu and select an existing Bookmark folder or its sub-folder and right click and select 'Open All in Tabs'

Found in Firefox 32.

PS: This bug is a historical one and I don't think if it ever got fixed so thought of creating in 2014. Hopefully some dev should give a serious consideration to it.

Actual results:

The newly opened tabs overwrite the existing tabs and any previously opened tabs are deleted forever.

Expected results:

If this not a bug or "as is feature" or 'Will Not be fixed' then it should atleast warn the user that opening all the tabs will overwrite existing tabs and delete any extra tabs.

If this considered a bug "Will or probably be fixed" then it should open the bookmarks in additional tabs in the same browser window and should not overwrite or delete existing tabs of the window.

Devs: Please consider it as a serious one as it is very annoying and user is of the impression that open in all tabs will open the bookmarks in "additional" tabs for the same firefox window. I am seeing this bug being reported in different tickets since 2008.


4 years ago
Severity: normal → major
Component: Untriaged → Tabbed Browser
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4 years ago
Component: Tabbed Browser → Bookmarks & History
I cannot reproduce, this bug has been fixed in 2011 for Firefox 3.0...

Does it happen in safe mode?

could you please attach a text report from about:support page to this bug?
this is the relative code, we explicitly pass false as third argument, that is the replace-tabs param

Comment 3

4 years ago
It happens in regular mode. Also other people have mentioned this couple of times since 2011:

Ref: See related bugs in 'See Also' option for this ticket and

I was able to reproduce it on different systems. May be try reproducing it on a freshly installed Firefox version instead of using an updated version.
we need STR starting from a clean profile to be able to work on this, otherwise it's not actionable. I surely cannot reproduce and the code looks correct.

Add-ons though can replace parts of browser and cause this sort of issues...


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