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3 years ago
Right now there is no way to disable snooze in alarms. Snooze requires mental processing and makes turning off the alarm when awaking from sleep much more difficult than it needs to be. I've often accidentally hit snooze when I meant "stop" and found the alarm going off and waking other family members when I'm showering, for example.

We should have a Snooze on or off switch above the Snooze time selector or there should be an option in that list "no Snooze". 

Then, disabling snooze should result in an alarm with only one button for stopping the alarm.

Bug 865530 seemed like a report of the same issue but it didn't offer justification or use cases and was marked Invalid. I hope this report fares better.

User Story: As a Firefox OS Flame user, I want one big button that's super easy to hit that turns off the alarm. I don't want the cognitive load of two buttons when I'm still in a pre-awake stupor trying to turn off my alarm.
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