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Since update today plugin container is opening when all plugins are disabled


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Steps to reproduce:

Since update today when I open Firefox plugin container is showing in Task Manager when all plugins are disabled.

Actual results:

Plug in container makes my computer intermittently unresponsive, have to shut it down.

Expected results:

No plugins are enabled, it shouldn't be opening.

Addon Bar has disappeared, despite having Addon Bar restored extension enabled it is not showing.

I am unhappy. Please help.
Component: Untriaged → Plug-ins
Product: Firefox → Core
plugin-container.exe is not just used for plugins, and so this may not be a bug at all. If you are using e10s/nightly, this is the content process. It may also be the content process for tab thumbnailing, which is on all channels, or a process to run the OpenH264 plugin. You will need to look at the command line (using a tool like Process Explorer) to figure out what kind of process it is.

It's also not clear what "Plug in container makes my computer intermittently unresponsive" means. That is likely a separate issue.
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Component: Plug-ins → General
Thank you for your response Benjamin....your help is appreciated.

I have always had a problem with plugin container. With Firefox 24.8.1 ESR, plugin container only showed in Task Manager when I enabled Flash plugin. It is running all the time with the new version 31.2.0 ESR?

When plugin container is running my computer runs slow and then becomes unresponsive.

I have to keep shutting down the new Firefox version, I cannot use it, it's freezing my computer. 

Also lost an add on: Selective Cookie Delete is not showing anymore and Yahoo Mail Notifier is no longer appearing in the Addon Bar.

Where can I download Firefox 24.8.1 ESR please?
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Bugzilla is not a support system. If you would like support help, please visit and they can assist you. If you are reporting a specific bug, please help by providing information about the command line of plugin-container. You will need to use a tool like Process Explorer to get this information.

The fact that plugin-container is running may or may not have anything to do with your computer running slowly and being unresponsive. We need to know more about the situation to determine that.
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All I know is that all was fine until Firefox updated to 31.2.0 has crashed a number of times today as well. That doesn't normally happen.

I have submitted a question on the Mozilla Support page.

I want to uninstall this and reinstall 24.8.1, but don't know where I can do that.

I will try to use Process Explorer.

I previously had this same problem when standard Firefox updated to 28.0. I was advised to use ESR instead then, all has been fine until now.
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Here is the command line you requested (please also see my new message above, thank you):

"C:\Documents and Settings\dell owner\My Documents\Downloads\FirefoxPortableESR\App\Firefox\plugin-container.exe" --channel=1332.10213e30.964639932 -greomni "C:\Documents and Settings\dell owner\My Documents\Downloads\FirefoxPortableESR\App\Firefox\omni.ja" -appomni "C:\Documents and Settings\dell owner\My Documents\Downloads\FirefoxPortableESR\App\Firefox\browser\omni.ja" -appdir "C:\Documents and Settings\dell owner\My Documents\Downloads\FirefoxPortableESR\App\Firefox\browser" - 1332 "\\.\pipe\gecko-crash-server-pipe.1332" tab

I provided you with the command line, as requested (above).

Would you kindly give me an update.

I am worried that I won't be able to use Firefox in future given that I had this exact same problem when standard Firefox updated to 28.0.
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