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Create API for suggested articles and question in AAQ flow.


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We have code that based on a few things in the AAQ flow, suggested 3 articles and 3 questions. We could probably recreate this using the search API that instance search uses, but it is probably a good idea to provide a specific endpoint for this use case.

Since this logic already exists, and the work is just wrapping it up in a nice API package, I think this is 1pt.
Blocks: 1061553, 1061546
I have bug #1007840 on my plate for this quarter. The idea is that people leaving negative feedback are possibly incurring some solveable problem and that doing a search on SUMO and showing some number of kb articles and questions could help them with their problems.

I think this API endpoint could help with that.

I'd like to have the following flexibility if possible so we can test variations of the Thank you page:

* be able to specify the locale/language I want to get results for; kind of like an Accepts-language: kind of thing
* be able to specify how many kb articles and how many questions I get back

We can push these off to other bugs to discuss. I figured I'd mention them here in case they inspire the implementation.
That sounds like a great idea. Locale is already a parameter of the function that will be used, and making the number of articles and questions parameterizable should be easy too.
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Mike, can we get this in the current sprint? A user story for BuddyUp depends on it.
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Yep, I can do this next.
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This isn't 1pt. The exploration around MLT vs normal queries is making this about 3 points.
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Moving this to the next sprint.
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Deployed to prod.
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