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[tracker] Notification overhaul


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[tracker] Notification overhaul

This covers making a better notification system, likely based on django-notifications. Various parts of the site (such as the questions app) can register notifications to be sent. Other parts of the site can consume notifications (such as a facebook style notification bubble on the front page, or a push notification).

The user should be able to control the routing of this notifications, and control if notifications send them emails, send a push notification to their phone, or any other external notification service we choose to support.

My plan for this is to find all the places we currently trigger django-tidings emails, and change them to create notification objects instead. Then django-tidings may be one way that the notifications can be delivered. It might also make sense to remove django-tidings all together and send email another way.

This is a big project, but it can be done incrementally.

* Integrate django-notifications [1pt]
* Add notifications for various apps. These can be done one at a time.
    * KB [2pt]
    * KB Forums [2pt]
    * Forums [2pt]
    * Questions [2pt]
* Add UI to display notifications to the site navbar. [2pt]
* Add email notifier of notifications (possible reusing or replacing django-tidings) [2pt]
* Add push notification notifier. [2pt]

The first step would have to be django-notifications. After that the other pieces could be done in any order, including concurrently.
Depends on: 1083417
Depends on: 1083420
Depends on: 1083421
Depends on: 1083423
Depends on: 1083424
Depends on: 1083429
Depends on: 1083431
Depends on: 1083433
Depends on: 1083434
Blocks: bu-server
This meta bug is not blocking the notification work on buddyup anymore, removing it to reflect that.
No longer blocks: 1061574, 1061588, 1061590, 1061593, 1061595
No longer blocks: 1066386
Keywords: meta
No longer blocks: bu-server
AFAIK this is not on anyone's radar. If we decide to redo notifications we will likely create a new bug with more recent recommendations.
Closed: 4 years ago
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