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Upload Firefox OS fonts to tooltool


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The last patch of bug 993137 changes the B2G Desktop prefs to make sure the Firefox OS Simulator uses the right Firefox OS fonts.

However, the test infrastructure doesn't have the right fonts at hand, so some font tests fail in try runs, preventing said patch to land.

Please upload the Firefox OS fonts[1] to tooltool.

[1] The moztt archive can be found at, I downloaded and attached a copy of it for convenience.
Chris, please upload the archive. I will then add it to browser/config/tooltool-manifests/linux64/releng.manifest.

Then, how can I make the test machines download and extract that archive, and point the relevant mozconfig files to that location?

I am planning to add a "MOZTTDIR" entry to these mozconfig files, so that bug 1011562's change can build the right fonts into B2G Desktop / the Simulator (/ the Mulet).
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(archive could not be attached because ~32MB is too large for bugzilla)
Uploaded. You can add this to your tooltool manifest:

"size": 32683318,
"digest": "ebecd9c0838a842125734a467263e1230e7ce454be5d887c7d5381a1c54c9ff6e797ce9f8af8c2ab031e2211ded8c038df8cf685fa744fc7a9b0364e0ad947fc",
"algorithm": "sha512",
"filename": ""

Also, it's possible for you to do these uploads directly. Please see
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Extract Firefox OS fonts and use them for B2G Desktop.

Michael, I'm not really sure this will do what I expect. Can you please have a look?

This should work with bug 1011562 to make B2G Desktop releng build with the fonts.
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Extract Firefox OS fonts and use them for B2G Desktop.

Looks like zip isn't supported, and my patch changes the wrong manifests.

Also, "master" is not a good name for the archive, so I'll re-upload. Thanks for the tip!
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I'm trying to upload a new archive called "moztt.tar.bz2", but it fails:

$ distribute --folder /home/jan/Downloads/tooltool/ --message "Bug 1083544 - Upload Firefox OS fonts to tooltool. r=catlee" --user --host --path "/tooltool/uploads/"


> Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic).
> rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes received so far) [sender]
> rsync error: unexplained error (code 255) at io.c(226) [sender=3.1.0]

Bug 1084229 was supposed to grant me access, but I can't seem to make it work (I've tried users "jkeromnes", my mozilla LDAP, "janx" and "", the LDAP I normally use for committing and is associated to my public key).

Chris, could you please help me figure this out?
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There is no reason to re-upload if all you need to do is change the filename. The file is stored on the server by hash only. If you want it to be called a different filename when fetched, simply adjust the filename in the manifest.

Otherwise, I'm afraid I can't help debug ssh connection issues. Perhaps try asking in #it.
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I'm pretty sure that changing the compression algo from "zip" to "tar.bz2" would change the hash.

Also my tooltool command involved a bit of guesswork, so I was hoping someone who used it successfully could point me in the right direction (e.g. when are full LDAPs expected, when are "@" signs truncated, does that only happen for "" LDAPS, etc). I'll try figuring it out with IT.
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LDAP issue was fixed, new archive uploaded successfully. Thanks!
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