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Tinted bar visible when in immersive mode


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Steps to reproduce:

Activate immersive mode on Android and start the late 35 or current 36 Nightly for Android.

Actual results:

The first screen is immersive but as soon you use the slide down the status bar or slide up the buttons the Tinted Status Bar stays on the screen, covering the tab/URL/menu bar partly.

Expected results:

Tinted Status Bar not show if the status bar is not show.

I have attached a screenshot showing the Tinted Status Bar covering the top of the screen.
OS: Windows 7 → Android
Hardware: x86 → All
How does one 'activate immersive mode' in Android? Which device and which version of Android are you using?
You can read on this page how and I used the Xposed method because I had it already installed on my Nexus 7 2013 with Android 4.4:

The Tinted Status Bar was already changed for fullscreen video as you can read in this page with bug number 1074924:
Lucas, are you familiar with this?
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In the notes of 22 October I read that the same problem will be looked at by LucasR.

This problem is already brought forward on the 29 September and the link to it is:

The tips to initiate immersive mode are maybe handy. I tried the posted version LucasR from the 9th of October but it did not hide the tinted when the statusbar is hidden.

I will mark this bug as duplicate and will check-in on that one and want to thank all for all the effort is put into this great browser.
msatter, could you try to reproduce this in latest Nightly to see if it's any better?
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I tried it with the latest version of Nightly and the bar is still visible after using the keyboard and stay visible. The the buttons at the bottom stay visible also. When not using the keyboard the bar and buttons disappear automatically.

When the bar and buttons are lock visible then going to the home page and reenter Nightly releases the bar and buttons and they are hidden again...until the keyboard is used again at least.

I am back to the Nightly from 24 September and if you have more to try then let me know.
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Update, entering the menu also releases the bar and buttons. An other thing I noticed is that when the bars/buttons are transparent the will disappear however if they are not transparent (black) they will stay on the screen.
Update, thanks Michael for making the tinted bar disappear when in immersive mode. After more than four months I can use the whole screen again since the Nightly update from the 26th of February.

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