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Update Android SDK and build tools to 21


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Just like Bug 1042829.

Build tools/platform tools 21 and SDK 23.0.5 are out. It's upgrade time!

I'm testing a build locally now.
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Builds work, so this is ready to go.
rnewman: With the changes to tooltool, :wesj was able to do this himself for SDK 20 over in bug 1042829. Do you need releng assistance on this?
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I think that basically means "over to wesj to upload current tools to tooltool" :)

AFAIK I don't have the right account bits set in LDAP, and if I can avoid it I'd like to not spend an afternoon figuring out

"Current" means SDK 23.0.5, platform-tools 21, build-tools 21.1.

(There are also support library and Play services updates available, fwiw.)

I can take care of altering the in-tree stuff once things are available.

Wes, can you help with this?
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Yeah. Uploading something now....
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This should work (the sdk does locally). Try is down right now.
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If the digest is changing, I'm willing to bet the corresponding "size" should be changing too in the manifests.
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Hope I can use the size my desktop gives me:
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mobile/android/config/tooltool-manifests/android-armv6/releng.manifest still needs to have the size updated.

Conditional r+ with that fixed.
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ni on Wes to consider this for uplift if it works on m-c.
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Ping, Wes?
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I think this fixed the overscroll glow on Android L (haven't confirmed that, but seems likely this was what fixed it to me), so I'm going to nom it for uplift to Beta.

Approval Request Comment
[Feature/regressing bug #]: None
[User impact if declined]: No overscroll glow on L. Can't use any 21 features
[Describe test coverage new/current, TBPL]:
[Risks and why]: New SDK could introduce new edge case bugs. But I'd say its low risk. Haven't seen anything on central yet.
[String/UUID change made/needed]: None.
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Note that this change very likely results in an APK that won't install on Gingerbread devices, so I'd test really carefully before you uplift. See Bug 1100361.

jlund is in the process of finishing up splitapk work for builders and the updater service, but that won't yet affect Google Play, and we need to get those ducks in a row before this hits beta or release.
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Just to avoid grubbing around in that bug: the SDK bump carries with it a much fatter Play Services library, which puts us over some internal limits in Gingerbread. Those limits were bumped from 5MB to 8MB in a later release.
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It's too late to take this change in 34. We can consider it for 35.
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