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Share Selected Devices pop-up window vanishes when re-sizing browser




Device Permissions
4 years ago
a year ago


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If a user re-sizes browser window when "Share selected devices" pop-up window is present, the pop-up window vanishes and, unable to share devices, the call will fail.

* Setup 2 laptops (A & B)
* laptop A: Re-size browser to less than full screen

1. laptop B: Generate URL invitation
2. laptop B: Email URL to laptop A
3. laptop A: Click on invitation URL 
4. laptop A: Click on "Ready to Start? -> Start" button (in re-sized browser)
5. laptop B: Accept call 
6. laptop A: Observe gray "Share selected devices" pop-up window
7. laptop A: Before clicking 'Share selected devices' button, try re-sizing browser
8. laptop A: Observe that "Share selected devices" pop-up window vanishes!
9. laptop A: Observe that call fails within 30 seconds, because user cannot share devices

Expected Result
* User can re-size browser window, but still retain "Share selected devices" pop-up window after re-sizing
Note: the user can click on the toolbar on the camera icon and get back to the prompt again.

This is a Core bug, as its to do with how the prompts work which are part of the WebRTC platform and not part of Loop itself.
Component: Client → WebRTC
Product: Loop → Core
QA Contact: anthony.s.hughes
This is a dup of the ux redesign and officially belongs in Firefox:DevicePermissions. I don't have the buf number for the ux redesign handy, but I can move it to the right category now.
Component: WebRTC → Device Permissions
Product: Core → Firefox
Last Resolved: a year ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
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