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API for listing queues by user (useful for bulk deletion after tests)


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Just a simple well-documented API for listing queues would really nice by user.
Detected using naming scheme...

I currently have a lot persistent queues on the jonasfj-debug user that would like to delete...
They are basically left overs of a tests running against our production infrastructure.
Sure our tests should cleanup... but that's hard when they half the day :)

I did originally think of asking for a bulk delete option... But if you can just write provide me with a simple JSON API I'll happily write my own tools for this.

Then we would also have generic API for doing other useful things.

I see no reason to protected the API with authentication, we just talking about listing queues (and hopefully also exchanges).
But if you wish to add auth I recommend hawk + pulse username/password.
Summary: API for listing queues by user (useful for buik deletion after tests) → API for listing queues by user (useful for bulk deletion after tests)
Priority: -- → P2

PuselGuardian already has this as part of the UI, but not an API.

Type: defect → enhancement
Priority: P2 → P5
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