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AUS manifest reporting wrong hash value for MAR files on Oak, Ash, and Maple


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(firefox34 fixed, firefox35 fixed, firefox-esr31 fixed, b2g-v2.0 fixed)

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firefox34 --- fixed
firefox35 --- fixed
firefox-esr31 --- fixed
b2g-v2.0 --- fixed


(Reporter: bbondy, Assigned: mshal)




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On Oak, it turns out that the manifest gives the wrong SHA value for the advertised MAR file.

The entry says:
hashFunction="sha512" hashValue="4d4b1c293862ec10fc886c2dd548bd125efe89a8" (full manifest below)

But the real SHA512 hash for the mar file mentioned is:

After trying out a bunch of different things, I found out that the hash value it gives is the SHA1 hash, and not the SHA512 hash.

At the time of my testing, the manifest URL is located at:

Which produced this manifest:
<update type="minor" displayVersion="36.0a1" appVersion="36.0a1" platformVersion="36.0a1" buildID="20141018040203">
<patch type="complete" URL="" hashFunction="sha512" hashValue="4d4b1c293862ec10fc886c2dd548bd125efe89a8" size="47787586"/>
More on this: x64 builds correctly give and advertise SHA512, but x86 builds continue to say SHA512, but really contain SHA1s.
Adding needinfo just to make sure you see this, especially in case it affects something more than just oak.
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Might be fallout from mach mozharness.
Based on this I suspect that Nick is right. Note that the complete looks like a sha1, and the partial looks like a sha512:
05:13:20     INFO - Dumping config to /builds/slave/oak-lx-ntly-000000000000000000/balrog_props.json.
05:13:20     INFO - {'properties': {'appName': 'Firefox',
05:13:20     INFO -                 'appVersion': '36.0a1',
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'basedir': u'/builds/slave/oak-lx-ntly-000000000000000000',
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'branch': u'oak',
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'buildername': u'Linux oak nightly',
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'buildid': u'20141021040207',
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'buildnumber': 5,
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'builduid': u'53022887de78458893362f59a0d45e36',
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'completeMarFilename': u'firefox-36.0a1.en-US.linux-i686.complete.mar',
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'completeMarHash': u'225d0e1932917ecb3b4b7c71a8d9ac06610efb94',
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'completeMarSize': 52378590,
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'completeMarUrl': u'',
05:13:20     INFO -                 'got_revision': u'02550df60211',
05:13:20     INFO -                 'hashType': 'sha512',
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'jsshellUrl': u'',
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'master': u'',
05:13:20     INFO -                 'num_ctors': 71,
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'packageUrl': u'',
05:13:20     INFO -                 'partialMarFilename': 'firefox-36.0a1.en-US.linux-i686.partial.20141021040207-20141021040207.mar',
05:13:20     INFO -                 'partialMarHash': '68e2bf83a00721ebaf65d1d5bd10500e8a3b45d1cee4483632a083fea59bb3d030396991e30db36f678684c4d0231bf5851b432a2db563fd7894ace747bc393c',
05:13:20     INFO -                 'partialMarSize': 6618,
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'platform': u'linux',
05:13:20     INFO -                 'previous_buildid': '20141021040207',
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'product': u'firefox',
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'project': u'',
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'repository': u'',
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'revision': u'02550df602110228ea56505b532ceddbc250c5a6',
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'scheduler': u'oak nightly',
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'slavename': u'bld-linux64-spot-059',
05:13:20     INFO -                 'sourcestamp': '02550df60211',
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'symbolsUrl': u'',
05:13:20     INFO -                 'testresults': [('num_ctors', 'num_ctors', 71, '71')],
05:13:20     INFO -                 u'testsUrl': u''}}
05:13:20     INFO - Calling Balrog submission script
05:13:20     INFO - retry: Calling <bound method FxDesktopBuild.run_command of <__main__.FxDesktopBuild object at 0x1d6d490>> with args: (['python', '/builds/slave/oak-lx-ntly-000000000000000000/build/tools/scripts/updates/', '--build-properties', '/builds/slave/oak-lx-ntly-000000000000000000/balrog_props.json', '--api-root', '', '--username', 'ffxbld', '-t', 'nightly', '--credentials-file', '/builds/slave/oak-lx-ntly-000000000000000000/oauth.txt', '--verbose'],), kwargs: {}, attempt #1
05:13:20     INFO - Running command: ['python', '/builds/slave/oak-lx-ntly-000000000000000000/build/tools/scripts/updates/', '--build-properties', '/builds/slave/oak-lx-ntly-000000000000000000/balrog_props.json', '--api-root', '', '--username', 'ffxbld', '-t', 'nightly', '--credentials-file', '/builds/slave/oak-lx-ntly-000000000000000000/oauth.txt', '--verbose']
05:13:20     INFO - Copy/paste: python /builds/slave/oak-lx-ntly-000000000000000000/build/tools/scripts/updates/ --build-properties /builds/slave/oak-lx-ntly-000000000000000000/balrog_props.json --api-root --username ffxbld -t nightly --credentials-file /builds/slave/oak-lx-ntly-000000000000000000/oauth.txt --verbose
05:13:20     INFO -  Balrog request to
05:13:20     INFO -  Data sent: None
05:13:20     INFO -  Starting new HTTPS connection (1):
05:13:21     INFO -  "HEAD /releases/Firefox-oak-nightly-20141021040207 HTTP/1.1" 200 0
05:13:21     INFO -  Balrog request to
05:13:21     INFO -  Data sent: {'product': u'Firefox', 'hashFunction': u'sha512', 'alias': 'null', 'schema_version': 4, 'data_version': '2', 'copyTo': '["Firefox-oak-nightly-latest"]', 'version': u'36.0a1', 'data': '{"buildID": "20141021040207", "platformVersion": "36.0a1", "displayVersion": "36.0a1", "appVersion": "36.0a1", "completes": [{"fileUrl": "", "hashValue": "225d0e1932917ecb3b4b7c71a8d9ac06610efb94", "from": "*", "filesize": 52378590}]}'}
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Yep, just to clarify in comment 1 I mentioned it was an sha1, but I did also write code to verify 100% that it is 100% an sha1 but the manifest says sha512 for the type.
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Use sha512 for the mar hashes.
Assignee: nobody → mshal
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So was this affecting only oak or also other things? Partial being 512 but full being sha1.
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(In reply to Brian R. Bondy [:bbondy] from comment #7)
> So was this affecting only oak or also other things? Partial being 512 but
> full being sha1.

so far, the code that would cause this bug has only been rolled out to all twig branches bar fx-team and alder. 

So this will also affect Maple and Ash (ash is a testing/staging branch). The other branches don't run nightlies so they are unaffected.

Apologies for any inconveniences this caused.
Blocks: 1055918, 1064944
Summary: AUS manifest reporting wrong hash value for MAR files on Oak → AUS manifest reporting wrong hash value for MAR files on Oak, Ash, and Maple
No problem, thanks for fixing!
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