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consider creating unified client script for balrog admin api



Release Engineering
4 years ago
11 months ago


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4 years ago
We've been slowly gaining more and more scripts that talk to Balrog's admin API. Each of these add ends up duplicating a lot of the simple code that figures out the credentials, creates the api class, etc. We don't have an huge number of these yet but as we add more systems that talk to Balrog this will become a bigger annoyance.

I think it's good to keep the stuff in submitter/api.py separate still - because we don't want to make it impossible to script Balrog in other places, but submitter/cli.py + the scripts in scripts/updates/ might be better as a part of a unified command line tool.

I haven't spent a huge amount of time thinking about, so maybe we don't want this at all!


11 months ago
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