No longer a simple task to determine the version of Firefox one is running




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Steps to reproduce:

Poked around in all the menus.

Actual results:

Couldn't find where to tell what version of Firefox I was running was. 

Expected results:

Normal browsers have a easy way to find what version number one is running is.

One starts to wonder if it was removed for security!
Help/about Firefox
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Comment 2

4 years ago
Oh, I see. In the menus one must click that tiny circle with the "?" inside it.
You have to press to alt key to get the "normal" menu and there you can select help and about Firefox or you can use of course the little "?" in the hamburger menu
It is possible to always show that menubar, by going to the menu button, clicking Customize. Click on "Show/Hide Toolbars" and show Menu Bar.

Comment 5

4 years ago
I am talking about the default case for a virgin user.

You might consider making the default setup more verbose, and letting users take customization steps to make things less verbose if they want.

As it stands, I think digging down to the little "(?)" is the most hidden help button of any software I've used recently.

Also such "(?)" are usually just some help tip thing for the current item, or some help magic wand that one can lift up and place on some other item for more info, etc. One would hardly expect it to be in fact the top of the whole help tree, there buried where it is!
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