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No SeaMonkey trunk nightlies since June 13


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Windows 7
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Steps to reproduce:

Go to

Actual results:

The latest win32 files date from June 13. There are more recent files for mac and linux, though they have been rather hit or miss.

Expected results:

There should be Windows (and other OS) builds on a daily basis.
Known issue, I'll leave it up to ewong to dupe this against the currently prevailing bustage.

Bug 1053652 mentioned in was supposedly fixed a couple of days ago, yet generation of Windows nightly builds hasn't resumed on either trunk or aurora.

Another candidate is bug 1023644 for the tooltool stuff, or is VS2013 deployment preventing the trunk builds to get started? I'm losing track of all those various bustages...  :-\
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Yes.. this is known.  All three platforms that do have l10n nightlies
are experiencing different issues.

WinNT is likely a clobbering issue (which seems to be related to bug 1087086 (while this was filed just today, it seems to be an 'old' problem that I missed :( *sorry*).

Atm, not too sure what's going on with the OSX64 nightlies(prior to the current 
bustag due to some compiling errors. (bug 1087098)).

Linux nightly's green though.

tooltool issue 'should' be fixed..

I'm keeping this bug opened just in case it isn't a dupe of bug 902876.
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What shell we do with this one? I don't think that we still need it, we should close this one?
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gonna dupe to to the stated bug.  but now that all the trunk nightlies
are busted, little point in keeping this bug opened.

Thanks Rainer
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Duplicate of bug: 902876
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