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3 years ago
I want to create a simple mailing list for the Thunderbird Core Team. Filed a bug, got bounced to, that links to which does what I want
But my mozilla ldap name and password fails there.

Real question: how can I get permission to use that page?
My understanding is that Service Now is restricted to MoCo/MoFo employees. As such, I would reopen bug 1085209 and state that Service Now is not the appropriate place.
Blocks: 1085209

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3 years ago
Thanks Reed.

We just had a major summit of the Thunderbird team that was largely about finishing the transition from being a project mostly led by staff, to being a project mostly led by volunteers. We established a Thunderbird Council to lead the project, and I was elected the Chair of that Council.

While Thunderbird is not staff led, it is still a vital product of Mozilla with high visibility. We would like to be able to do a proper job of running the project, which means that we need access to the tools that are provided by Mozilla to allow projects to accomplish their mission. Lack of access to those tools is a major obstacle to our success.

Now we have staff members who are part of the project, but they are present as volunteers, not as staff. I suppose that I could go to them, and ask them to do this task on behalf of the project. Or I could try to achieve this in the way that you proposed, which is less efficient for all of us.

But at this point in time, we need to understand the limits that are being placed on our project by rules such as "Service Now is restricted to MoCo/MoFo employees" so that we can request the access that we need. It is more important that we understand these policies that are restricting us, than that we accomplish the particular task of this bug. Otherwise, over and over again we will encounter these issues, wasting all of our time.

So I would appreciate having answered:

1. Is it indeed true that "Service Now is restricted to MoCo/MoFo employees" so that I cannot have access to that for creating of mailing lists?

2. If so, then who would I talk to if we wanted to ask for an exception to that policy?
A distribution list/standard mailing list (with a address) has neither an interface nor public/non-moco access. You likely want a mailing list without a discussion forum ( -, which satisfies all your original requirements. Given that, I'll reopen 1085209 and create the list and send the details over.
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:ashish: the distinction you make is not quite accurate. There are mailing lists, but there are also mailing lists, and both are created using Service Now. There are also discussion forums, the mailing list part of which is, and those are created using Bugzilla.

So one can easily imagine circumstances where a mailing list needs to be created at the request of a non-employee. Anyone who wants a mailing list and not a discussion forum (e.g. would fall into this category. So we either need to open up Service Now, move the process out of Service Now, or establish an additional process.

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